October, Samhain approaches and so the cooler weather.

Hello and Blessed Be!

As September came to a close with a multitude of drastic changes, we look toward Samhain to cast off that burden, accept those changes and move forward. Reflecting on the past year has revealed to those who see beyond the mundane, that we are in store for such changes that will challenge our souls, are very being. Goddess has chosen Her children; are we going to live up to being the type of people She wants us to be? Will we teach those seekers that are now questioning authority as to where their path will take them, or are we so caught up in our own challenges that we forget what we were brought to this path to do? Goddess is testing our commitment to Her path, to connect with Her children and bring us up out of the dark times to come as a strong people that live with the Earth, not just on it. Love always.

As we move through the month of October, may our hearts and minds reach out to those in need.

Goddess Bless!


Moving Day

Was so nice to see a bunch of our BFC family again yesterday. And what a wonderful day it ended up being! Moving is never easy, but with friends and family, it makes it go SO much easier. Oh, BTW, it’s in a box…somewhere in the Craft room! LOL ūüėČ ‚ô•

September Healing Circle List

The Healing Circle list is long and with new needs to be met and addressed; I’ll post my list of requests as they come in for each Friday’s Healing Circle. As we work together for the community at large, it is with our hearts beating as one can we bring peace, healing and prosperity.


Doctors and research teams worldwide – pray for clarity to find cures instead of treatments for symptoms.

Politicians, elected and self appointed – Clarity to work for the good of the people and the Earth.

BJK, PA – Dealing with the erosion of life that cancer, diabetes and heart conditions can cause. Take away the pain and give peace for that next big journey.

CK, GA РStrength to care for her sister going through such hard times. Clarity to make those decisions when tough times seem make everything so clouded.

TK, PA РContinued healing from surgery. Strength to deal with the multitude of health problems within her family.

MK, PA – Health, peace and strength to deal with the multitude of health problems within his family.

HK, PA – Diagnosed with MS. Pray for self injected treatments that work and have no side affects.

HD, SC РContinued healing from surgery. A dear one was jailed for DUI, my daughter has been having reactions to the chemicals and food preservatives she comes in contact at work, and the son in law is still unemployed.

MS, PA – Financial stability and stable home for her and her daughter.

PGR, PA РMental stability be the results as she undergoes ECT treatments. Financial windfall to secure a long standing Pagan store and Ritual Center.

WR, PA – May current medications continue to work on prostrate problems so surgery can be avoided. Financial windfall to secure a long standing Pagan store and Ritual Center.

MR, PA – Peace, clarity and strength to deal with issues at home.

JE, PA – A cancer survivor, may the healing continue and long life be her future.

KM, PA – Dealing with kidney issues. May the medications continue to work their magick.

BR, PA РFinancial stability as she tries to survive on a fixed income. Continued healing and pain free days for sciatic nerve problems.

SP, MD – Diagnosed with Fahr’s Syndrome. Pray that research finds a treatment and cure before it makes life unlivable.

KD, PA – Healing and Strength for her. Clarity for the doctors to give a proper diagnoses of the problem.

VN, PA РShe has Spinal Bifida and has a Tethered cord and facing a delicate surgery.

BB, CA – Continued love, understanding, protection and peace. Spiritual balance and clarity of his own.

BS, PA – Peace to pass. Love. Strength for family.

Elizabeth, PA – Please send positive energy to an old friend of mine he`s fallen into the wrong crowd since HS & now is homeless & does pot. Before he had a home, school & theatre & Now he has lost them all to drugs.

KR, PA – I¬†am asking for Healing for my daughter. please she goes to see a Urologist to see what is wrong with her right kidney and what needs to be done. she was born with bi lateral hydronerphrosis. she has had them worked on when she was 3 and was doing great till now. the right one isn’t doing so good right now. please, she’s 24 weeks pregnet with my grand daughter and i am so scared that i might loose them.

LM, PA – My daughter is ill and needs some healing. Thank you.

September Healing Circle List