Healing Circle List

Healing Circle

Healing Request List for Friday, July 5th,

To July 12th, 2013 8:00 pm


SRW, PA – Lady Debbie — Please keep her on your altar forever (some day I will explain).


May we honor our military women and men, here and abroad.  Our soldiers and leaders, pray for clarity, strength, peace, and healing. Bring them home safe and in good health. May we also lift their families and their strength. So Mote It Be!


Doctors and research teams worldwide – pray for clarity to find cures instead of treatments for symptoms.


SP, MD –Keeping up with military career, little one, family, home, volunteering as a fitness trainer for her department, and also serves in the Naval Choir. She is up for new orders in July and she is trying to stay where she is currently stationed. Much endurance, peace, clarity, love and strength sent her way.  Continued healing in dealing with Fahr’s disease,(Calcification of the brain) may research find cures before the disease begins its destructive phase. If we could keep her uplifted in our Petitions & Prayers for each & every Healing Circle, we would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so, so much!  ~Love& Light ~Blessed Be!


NVMSC, PA – May the Universe bring clarity as to the next steps to take to bring a dream to fruition. Thank you all, ~Blessed Be!


Brian B. CA – May the long term growth injections continue to do what they were intended to do. Please hold Brian, his Doctors’ and Researchers’ in our petitions and to find the needed help and cures to his diagnosis of Floating Harbor’s Syndrome. Mental clarity, patience, understanding and lots of LOVE and the will to follow his own heart when that time comes. ~Blessed Be!


KG, PA – Having health issues again. Has had numerous tests and they are all showing nothing. Had an appointment with a neurologist Monday the 24th. Clarity for the doctor to properly diagnose issue.


Paul T. -Buffalo, New York ~Paul is home now, but struggling. It’s emotionally difficult for him to not be able to handle many “normal” tasks with ease – he has some double vision, slurring, a rough gait and vertigo. The family is doing everything possible to set up the house for safety and support his recovery but this is a long path to walk, and one that’s definitely bumpy… Cost  have undeniably been Astronomical, and continuing to rise since Brain’s Cancer diagnosis. 30 days radiation; 6 months oral chemo then check. Got to find a way to get him to hospital every day …. working on that, Very unhappy and scared and … so many other words… Life expectancy ~5 years (a few more with “luck” which we seem to be in short supply)”  ~Update: We have put chemo and radiation on hold for now feeling Paul needs to be much stronger and in a better space mentally for us to consider those options. We are consulting with ALL our physicians and will be monitoring him closely. Right now all our energy is going into therapies for his body, mind, eyes and speech so he can do more of what he loves.  Send Paul our Love and the inspiration to keep his fighting spirit! Please continue to hold Paul’s wife and family in our hearts and petitions. ~Blessed Be!!!




AG, PA – Bring peace while she prepares for the next journey, may she release the bonds she feels are keeping her here. Peace for the family so they can let her go and she can be at peace.


Serafine Borealis
URGENT CALL FOR HEALING: It is with a heavy heart that I write to you with the news that Melissa Murry (Lady Masika Stone) is back in the hospital. She has a blood clot in her lung and a lung infection from fluid build up in her lungs. The good news is she has finally been officially transferred from Bentaub to MD Anderson. She is getting incredible care, and she is finally in good hands. She has asked that I send you all a request to do a healing working for her as she crosses this next hurdle in her cancer fight. My family and I will be doing a working tonite, so join in when you can- even if it’s in the next few days.
Blessings and Love.


LC, PA – (KG’s Mom), Positive thoughts to fight the continued negativity. Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer on Wednesday. Healing thoughts for the best outcome. They caught it early so they are hopeful.


PB, PA – for Kate – Discharged April 17th. A further 18 mos. of outpatient therapy to follow her stay there and continued success after such a miracle!

RR & Husband – Continued healing and strength he continues to heal from past surgeries. Thank you.


Nia, TX – Joe is out of the hospital and continues the healing process. Please continue sending healing energy!!!


DK, PA – Please send healing energies to my Aunt DY. She’s having her gall bladder out on the 16th. In her late 70’s and has been thru so much already. Thanx muchly
N – He is 9. Please send him blessings and healing energy. He had surgery on the 17th. Full and Complete Recovery! ~Blessed Be!!!


Could you please add Lady MS to the healing list. She is receiving chemotherapy treatments to destroy cancer in her lymph system. Thank you. BB


SD, PA – Healing for her father.


MG, PA – Healing for her husband.


DP, PA – Clarity


Deb’s son in Northern PA -Healing and quick recovery after a very delicate brain surgery. Thank you. Blessed Be!


Silva B. – Very ill, speed wellness. BB!


JMR, PA – Simple prognosis and healing for the pain in her back.


JC, NV – Please add him to the list for a peaceful crossing, and healing for his family. Thank you


CB, PA – Emotional clarity and emotional healing for current situation. Send strength to see the light in the darkness.


SF, PA –An unspoken request.


Ann Keeler Evans’ cousin, Nancy, has undergone heart surgery continued healing and well wishes her way.



Mom; Betty Reed -P.A.  She underwent back surgery and is doing wonderfully well. Thank you for your continued healing energies. We would like to continue to lift her up until healing is complete. Could we please send her some extra financial help as well, like many of our seniors, they are struggling on a fixed income each month. Thank you ~Blessed Be!


Mr. and Mrs. V.  -Northeast PA please lift them during this time as they are in a financial situation that needs healing and clarity. Also requesting an unspoken request. Blessed Be!

Nora Cedarwind Young: She is terminally ill and she is making final preparations’. Please lift her in our continued prayers and please lift her family and dear friends as they too, are in need of continuing strength as each day passes. As she transitions into her next journey, much peace, comfort and light.  Nora is still fighting!!! Let any pain be Gone and the future of Peace and Health be hers. Blessed Be!


Kate- North west continued recovery and complete healing.


Heide H. CA – Please send healing, clarity, understanding & LOVE! ~Blessed Be!


L.S. PA- Much love and understanding.


KP. MD – Love & LOVE! BB!


S.B. New York- Healing, Light, and Love!


K.W. PA- Unspoken Request


Mary M. Atlanta GA – Suffered a stroke last week and is in the hospital. Please keep her and her family lifted until we hear of any further updates. Thank you. Blessed Be!


B.W. PA- Best of Luck and much prosperity on a recent job interview at his place of employment! ~Blessed Be!


David & Isabella, PA- David and Isabella are two special needs children who are going through lots of transitions. Please keep Mom in our petitions as well for safety, clarity, understanding and lots of love! ~Blessed Be!


G.A. Western PA – He was recently hospitalized and back home. Please continue to lift him in our petitions and prayers as his healing is complete. ~Blessed Be!


R.W. PA- Help him with Clarity, understanding and wise decision making. In the capacity with unemployment, higher education opportunities and in a new relationship.


T.P. Selinsgrove, PA- She broke her lower leg in two places. Keep pain down to a minimum and a speedy, speedy recovery! ~Blessed Be!


Ken Moyer- He went into the hospital with intestinal problems and now is getting ready for that next journey. Peace and strength for all concerned.  Thank you.


Shannon C. PA- Struggling spiritually as well all other aspects of my life and I feel like I am at a standstill with my relationship with the Goddess and moving forward during these trying times. Thank you and as always Blessed Be


Hazel, North Carolina- Dr. Leaphart has diagnosed me with hypoglycemia. Please send me strength to be able to eat as often as I should.


Lynn McKenzie – Please send healing, love and light to her Maltese dog, Carly (5 years old) who has “cotton ball” like growths in her lungs, and a slow heart rate. The vet says it’s Valley Fever, a lung infection or cancer. Thank you.


Steve Showers- PA needs your love and prayers. He just lost his son today in a horrible car accident; this is the second friend in only a short amount of time to lose a child in a car accident. Hug your kid’s close, live life fully. ~Blessed Be!!!

D.G. Central PA – Please help with your energies to send clarity, understanding and the needed energies to bring health to where it can help in sustaining employment. Thank you all very much!  ~Blessed Be!


Freya M.  South Dakota-

Again, I want to thank everyone for sending love light energy and prayers to Austin.  It was so appreciated and felt. Debi is back in therapy for her new knees and she didn’t lose as much motion as they thought. I also wanted to update you all on my grandson Austin; he is up walking on his full pin leg on his own, breathing on his own, no meds except for pain. Drinking lots of protein shakes between his wired jaws and broken teeth. Face mending. He knows what he is saying now bless his heart. So Once again I thank all of you for sending energy, light, loving & healing thoughts, prayers, to my Austin and family hugs from the whole family and me….Happy summer solstice loving you all Freyja   Love you all and thank you again for all your efforts. Traveling Mercies and Healing, Love and Light! ~Blessed Be!!!


N.V.   PA- Lend your support in lifting the positive steps up! Thank you for your energies for prosperity & success in those endeavors that will aid in continuing to put Goddess’s work in a continuing momentum with a warrior’s spirit to furthering Her work and Blessed Light! Thank you all for your thoughts, petitions and prayers. Blessed Be!


Jessica H. West Coast- Needing to lift her with love and understanding in this time of need. Thank you and Blessed Be!


Hazel North Carolina ~Please keep sweet Emmee and her Mom in your prayers as she undergoes a minor surgical procedure.


Please keep Travis and family in your prayers during this difficult time.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Asbill family as their father has passed.


Linda Festa “I don’t like asking for myself… but the pain is unbearable. It’s my back… and I’m in a great deal of pain. Please send me positive energy and prayers so that I might feel well enough to cope with the pain”.


Teresa D. West Coast- Send her all the love and light we can conjure for strength, understanding and clarity. Thank you.  ~Blessed Be!

Roberta Stewart is a Pagan rights activist and a longtime member of Circle Sanctuary.

Roberta is best known for her work in the successful quest to have the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs authorize the Pentacle for inclusion on the grave markers it issues for deceased veterans.

After her husband, Sgt. Patrick Stewart, was killed in action in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, she joined the Veteran Pentacle Quest efforts of Lady Liberty League and Circle Sanctuary, and spoke out in media across the nation and in private meetings on Capitol Hill and at VA headquarters in Washington, DC.

Roberta was one of the plaintiffs in Circle Sanctuary’s federal lawsuits against the VA brought with the help of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The settlement of Circle Sanctuary’s lawsuit in the federal district court of Western Wisconsin resulted in the VA finally adding the Pentacle to its list of emblems of belief that can be included on veteran grave markers.


Sgt. Patrick Stewart, the first Wiccan soldier to be killed in the War on Terrorism, is now honored with a Pentacle marker issued by the Nevada governor at the Northern Nevada Veteran Cemetery in Fernley and with his VA-issued Pentacle marker at Circle Cemetery at Circle Sanctuary headquarters in Wisconsin.  Roberta, joined by Pagans of many paths, was part of both dedication ceremonies.

Since the Pentacle Quest victory, Roberta has continued her work with Lady Liberty League and Circle Sanctuary on the quest for equal rights for Pagans in society.  She also has been active in providing healing support to Gold Star families of many faiths.

Roberta is in the final part of her life’s journey and has begun working with hospice.  She has gastroparesis, a disease with no known cure. Roberta has decided to share her medical condition publicly in order to help build public awareness of gastroparesis and the need for research to find a cure for the many afflicted with this. May Goddesses’  Love and Light hold Roberta close and give her and her family the strength to carry on with this new life journey! Blessed Love & Light!






Here’s the latest and the greatest about Jim Modzelewski – he’s made it a looong way back from his death-defying experience in February, with the help of his sweetheart Christina, his daughter Meredith, his sisters Janice and Annette, his brother Gerry, his son James, his sisters and brothers in law, Pat, Steve, Carol, Fritz, his loyal friends too numerous to mention all the names, and all of you who prayed for him, sent him loving, compassionate healing and strength energies. Thank you! He soldiers on to more progress! Blessings arrive to you when you bless others! Much love and honor to all who have given of yourselves to Jim’s healing!


Continue to lift Jim (and his family for emotional strength) in our energies of healing and wellness after brain surgery and is now in recovery. May his healing and wellness be complete and ever speedy! ~Blessed Be!


Indigo~ A friend of mine, Robin is having surgery Wednesday here in Louisville for breast cancer. Could you all please remember her in your petitions for healing. Thank you and blessings.


Jack and Trish lost their dog about a week ago and I have been helping them search. ZACK IS BACK WITH HIS FAMILY! I just heard from his Dad and he was on his way home with Zach. Thank you so much for the workings. It took more than 24 hrs but against the odds, they got him back! Hail Hekate! Protector and companion of canines!



Z.B. NY-  Had blood drawn from my veins (Tuesday), but I no longer have the head pains. Now we will investigate another organ. Kidneys.
Thank you for your concerned responses. It’s strange i am alone a lot, yet I have good sisters all over the planet.


Missing Boy


**********MISSING PERSON**********
Mackenzie Garrett GRECO, 17 years of age, White N/H Male. 5’6″ 130lb. Last seen June 17, 2013 at approximately 7:30pm. GRECO left his residence in Marion Heights for a run and has not returned. No clothing description available at this time. GRECO is entered as a Missing Person / Endangered.
Police are still searching for Greco, we’ll post more information as it becomes available.


Sophia North Carolina- Continue to lift her in our petitions for light, understanding and much love in her endeavors as a student and caring for family. ~Blessed Be!


SH, PA – Due to my pap being admitted to the hospital, I will not make my travel plans. Any prayers for pap would be appreciated greatly.


C, PA – My dad is in the hospital and not on good shape. I’m driving to the hospital right now and asking that we send healing energies and prayers his way. Sending safe travel energies and prayers for C. and her family at this time. 
Thanks so much everyone. BB Hugs!!!


For all people of the Earth – Mental clarity to do what is needed to protect the world’s internet from those who would choose to destroy what peace there is and create chaos. Swift justice to those who would bring this type of destruction…So Mote It Be!


Makayla – I’m 14 months old and fighting stage 4 cancer. Have undergone 8 rounds of chemo and waiting for results of the last scans and am hoping to be cancer free. Much thanks for all you can do.


Much peace and strength to the families of all those who fought and died fighting the blaze in Arizona.



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