October Healing Circle List

Hello and Blessed Be!

I have been receiving names of those in need on my facebook page, and am very grateful that people can do that. I am creating a similar outlet for our group here for those that don’t utilize facebook.

Same basic rules apply here as in Mama Silver’s page except we are all family here and I believe we can be more personable and use full names. When the list goes to Healing Circle and there is going to be people other than BFC participating, I will edit your post to reflect initials instead of full names.

We can always wish that the list will be a small one, but realistically, it will grow as the month progresses. May the Samhain season bring health and renewal to everyone. Love always.


Whistling Squirrel


October, Samhain approaches and so the cooler weather.

Hello and Blessed Be!

As September came to a close with a multitude of drastic changes, we look toward Samhain to cast off that burden, accept those changes and move forward. Reflecting on the past year has revealed to those who see beyond the mundane, that we are in store for such changes that will challenge our souls, are very being. Goddess has chosen Her children; are we going to live up to being the type of people She wants us to be? Will we teach those seekers that are now questioning authority as to where their path will take them, or are we so caught up in our own challenges that we forget what we were brought to this path to do? Goddess is testing our commitment to Her path, to connect with Her children and bring us up out of the dark times to come as a strong people that live with the Earth, not just on it. Love always.

As we move through the month of October, may our hearts and minds reach out to those in need.

Goddess Bless!